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Worship Services

With a genuine heart for connecting with people, Pastor Aaron delivers messages of hope, love, and practical wisdom rooted in biblical teachings.

White Wedding Altar

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Pastor Aaron offers faith-based guidance for engaged couples, helping them establish a strong foundation for a fulfilling and enduring marriage.

His counseling service focuses on communication, conflict resolution, shared values, and incorporating biblical teachings. Gain practical tools and deepen your bond as you prepare for a lasting and faith-centered partnership.


Pastor Aaron creates meaningful and memorable wedding ceremonies tailored to your unique love story. With a warm and inclusive approach, Pastor Aaron honors your beliefs and traditions, crafting a heartfelt ceremony that unites your hearts in sacred matrimony.


Wedding services  include 3 premarital counsels (virtual available) rehearsal, and wedding at  $600 (plus travel expenses if required).

White Wedding Altar
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Angel statue


Pastor Aaron offers compassionate and personalized support during times of loss. With deep respect for diverse beliefs, Pastor Aaron creates meaningful funeral services that honor the life and legacy of your loved ones, providing comfort and guidance during this difficult time.

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